I always get inspired by my client, whenever they share their won love story with me. its take me to my high school days, when i was fall in love with my girlfriend very first time and that's make me so special to be frame their unique moment. I will keep framing LOVE    

Here is what Zeenat told about their story - we met when we didn't even know the meaning of love. as time passed we grew fond of each other, there was something that attracted us and during this journey we somewhere realized there was something very special and more than a friendship. it's then when we realized we had fallen in love, we understand the meaning of every beat the heart makes and we knew from then that yes 'he is the one' and 'yes she is the one' which made us to be an 'us' from the lonely 'you' and 'me'.... every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.