Ricky to Charan - 
like a grain of sand being thrown away by huge waves than crushing onto the shore, 
and being grasped by the strong roots of a tree on the beach
your love
has held so tight
that this grain of stand
does not fear any huge waves now - RDR
charan booked me a year ago for their big day and I am yet to cover their wedding which is on December. but look like I made them the happiest couple ever with this pre-wedding session, made their love deepest. with their trust i am a good friend of them now, what else a photographer want more haha.. honestly it was a amazing day shooting with you guys.the location was beautiful & the light too, I didn't ask much but real them to frame. now looking forward to cover my first wedding in Labasa, yes the bride and groom are this two assuredly. makeup & hair done by jade fiji