It’s both amazing, and difficult to shoot a wedding. It is great fun when you are genuinely involved in it, but that in itself can sometimes be too much of a distraction and you have to remind yourself periodically that you are supposed to be alert and not succumb to too many “awwws”. Meanwhile, as I fluctuated between these two ends, Zara and Arran were having quite apparently the best time of their lives. Anyone who knows them even casually, would vouch for how much of an absolutely HAPPY couple they are. It’s infectious; it’s just plain ridiculous how excited and in love they are all the time! even they are from 2 different country. While I would be the last person to undermine the effort of a photographer, I very firmly hold my stand that a good picture is 90% the honesty of the situation, and 10% the observation of a photographer. The people in it make the photograph; a good photographer is just a very good mirror.
And so the credit to this series goes to the overflowing fountain of energy and love that these two, and their family and friends have.

On another note, I mustn't said this a hundred times before and will continue to say it to anyone who will listen, that there is nothing like a simple and tastefully done wedding.

Mehndi night ( the night before wedding )